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Monsoon Thunderstorm Season

What’s a Monsoon Thunderstorm? Arizona’s Monsoon Thunderstorm season is a local part of the North American Monsoon; which occurs over the Mexican states of Sinaloa, Durango, Sonora, & Chihuahua, as well as across the Southwestern United States. Our Monsoon Thunderstorm season in Arizona is experienced as a substantial increase in rainfall from an extremely dry […]

Frost Damage

Farewell Frost! As we are warming up from the frigid temperatures last week, many of us are realizing some of the damage which has occurred to our landscape assets. With our resources available ILM was able to be as proactive as possible in protecting your assets through the covering of frost sensitive flowers and plant […]

Frost Warning!

Cold temperatures have arrived! A frost warning is in effect for the next few nights (potentially through January 15th or 16th) as temperatures are to dip down into the high 20's. ILM's preventative measures will help to keep your landscape healthy during the Winter months. We also want to be as proactive as possible in […]

Landscape Heat Stress

Landscape Heat Stress

Landscape Heat Stress After the great green boom of Spring, Summer can seem harsh. The extreme heat and frequent dryness can be detrimental to your landscape. Extended periods of heat, which are common throughout July and August and even in September for the Southwestern United States, can cause heat stress for your trees and other […]

Turf in Summer Shade

Turf in Summer Shade

Turf in Summer Shade The Summertime can produce serious stress on our landscape assets. A couple effects in particular are a combination of heat and sunshine. When these conditions combine with humidity, cool season grasses such as Ryegrass quickly die off. Bermuda grass, on the other hand, loves the heat and loves the sunshine (needing […]

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